Voiceover for Telephone Systems

Just like your website, business cards, and other marketing bits and bobs, your telephone system is a great way to put your brand image across to potential customers.  

Make sure you put your best foot forward with a professionally narrated phone message.  

Systems can include:

  • A simple 'Hello, and please hold' message
  • After hours messages
  • A more complex 'On Hold' system with music and more prompts that can feature aspects of your products and services.
  • A complete interactive voice response (IVR) system - everyone's favourite 'Press 1 for this and 2 for that' funnelling system.     


Voicemail and IVR Samples

For more information, or to discuss your recording requirements, please get in touch with me for a no obligation chat. 


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Brilliant service; I will definitely use Helena's voiceover services again!
'On Hold' Telephone system Producer
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